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Rules Shape You

I just finished reading the book Prodigy by Marie Lu a great fiction young adult book series. I've been switching through many series looking for a certain book to come back to the library to check out to continue the series. I've been hooked on the Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan and the Legend series by Marie Lu both about young teenagers with gifted talents such as scaling up buildings, fancy kung-fu moves, and camouflaging into nature. I really haven't reached my reading goal of 20 books, having only read 19 books, I could reach my goal with the few weeks remaining for school, but all library books are due today so I would have to either check out a book from the public book or borrow a book from a teacher or a friend.

An AP book I read this semester was the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The book focuses on a group of young boys crash landing on a deserted island with them trying figure out how to survive without parents. Starting out civilized, quickly ending up to savagery as each of the boys tear each other apart. With the kids being placed in a real life situation they had to survive through order and authority, but when people fight for that authority and breaks laws set place, there will be consequences. The kids create rules to give themselves boundaries to keep each other's civilized. “The rules are the only thing we got!” (79) That's what I believe how our society works, people are controlled and greatly affected by the rules and laws set in our world. When a person breaks those rules that can result in a movement or an punishment. But without rules to keep ourselves in check there would be chaos just like how the kids on the island turned out. Heres a little thing you can do, think about how many rules change your life, from having to wear a certain clothing, or saying a certain phrase or word, see what changes you based on society's rules and laws.


  1. I like the connection to the world with Lord of the Flies. It definitely sounds like a world that we live in today.


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